Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Plus-Size Daredevils

For many years we were sold the idea that being a woman with a voluptuous shapely figure was some what wrong and shameful, it is that mentality that  inturn breeded a generation of women with body image issues infact it did not only end with body image issues but impacted their self esteem that led to constant self-doubt, self-criticism, social isolation and nagging insecurities.    
And in 2016 one would assume things are different because we are a more  urbane  and informed society, but there is still no rapid change in how the image of curvaceous women are viewed, adulated and most importantly accepted.  

 Being a plus size woman in modern society is a continuous struggle but in spite of that, there are women out there who are  dedicated in promoting positive perceptions about plus size women through self love and fashion, by proving to the world that being curvaceous does not limit or prohibit anyone from living their best life but it actually makes it little bit interesting. 

Therefore i salute these plus size bloggers for being courageous, confident and beautiful in a world that promotes mediocrity and the none-existent, unattainable idea of perfectionism. 

.What a time to be alive!!!!

These are the Founders/Bloggers of  all things Plus Size.They are pictured here dressed in all  black with statement accessories and headpieces, a campaign they've created to solidify their message of unity, diversity and women empowerment.

You can follow them on: 
Blog addresses are found on their bios respectively.



                                                   Zukiswa Jamine Olifant

                                                  Simphiwe Zama Mthethwa
                                                                        BIG GIRLS 

Mabontle Portia Mphosi

                                                              Gugu Guzana Zulu
                                                                              PLUS DIVAS

                         Nhlanhla D Shabangu and Tshepiso Milcah Kekana
                                                                     FOREVER CURVY

                                                               Boitshaka Gasebone
                                                                   THICK GIRL SUPREMACY

Behind The Scene Team 

Stylist and Accessories: The Tuku Affair 
Make Up: BeautybyNokuzola
Clothing: Kepekee clothing

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Celebrating my birthday is one of the highest favours God can ever afford me, hence I continue to be thankful for each year I get to celebrate because I'm reminded of God's grace and mercy into my life.

I also take pride in saying I'm my parents' wildest dream not because I'm perfect or have a graduation gown to validate just how amazing and intelligent I am but because I'm a living testimony of God's generousity and love for them, and that he created a child so flawed and stubborn yet so incredibly special, who has turned out to be a decent human being and who has not fallen into the trappings of worldly things.

I am blessed, beautiful and most importantly I am everything (well partly lol...) what my parents' prayers consists of and my sole purpose at 26 is to be everything God wants me to be.

I had a Coco Chanel Themed birthday dinner party at my parents' house and I invited "26" of my       friends, i honestly can't remember the last time i felt so content and appreciated for just being myself.

                                THE MC WAS THE BEAUTIFUL MS LINDA LINDANI

Lunga Seele serenaded us with beautiful music.
did i mention I've been rolling with her since Primary School. 


                                                          The Bestie AKA Lebogang Tlhako

                                                      SQUAD DEEP!!!!!

I guess this was the biggest delight of  all, when my boyfriend who i had not seen in months came to surprise.

You are the only reason I am. 

You are all my reasons.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, the presents, the smiles, the laughter and the beautiful moments you shared with me.   ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are amazing.

A special thank you to my beautiful sister Zukiswa Jasmine Olifant who captured all these images and Khosi Tsotetsi for the Decor.