Wednesday, 8 June 2016


                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Celebrating my birthday is one of the highest favours God can ever afford me, hence I continue to be thankful for each year I get to celebrate because I'm reminded of God's grace and mercy into my life.

I also take pride in saying I'm my parents' wildest dream not because I'm perfect or have a graduation gown to validate just how amazing and intelligent I am but because I'm a living testimony of God's generousity and love for them, and that he created a child so flawed and stubborn yet so incredibly special, who has turned out to be a decent human being and who has not fallen into the trappings of worldly things.

I am blessed, beautiful and most importantly I am everything (well partly lol...) what my parents' prayers consists of and my sole purpose at 26 is to be everything God wants me to be.

I had a Coco Chanel Themed birthday dinner party at my parents' house and I invited "26" of my       friends, i honestly can't remember the last time i felt so content and appreciated for just being myself.

                                THE MC WAS THE BEAUTIFUL MS LINDA LINDANI

Lunga Seele serenaded us with beautiful music.
did i mention I've been rolling with her since Primary School. 


                                                          The Bestie AKA Lebogang Tlhako

                                                      SQUAD DEEP!!!!!

I guess this was the biggest delight of  all, when my boyfriend who i had not seen in months came to surprise.

You are the only reason I am. 

You are all my reasons.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, the presents, the smiles, the laughter and the beautiful moments you shared with me.   ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are amazing.

A special thank you to my beautiful sister Zukiswa Jasmine Olifant who captured all these images and Khosi Tsotetsi for the Decor.